F. A. Q.'s

Frequently asked questions

How is my candle made?

We first start off by sourcing quality ingredients from sources who tell us where they get their ingredients from. These companies usually have close relationships with their suppliers, and their suppliers are small farms or organizations. This means they are supporting a company who cares, which we like also, because we care about what we put into your product.

Do you ever use unnatural ingredients?

Yes, and at this time it is by request only. Since we have the ability to custom make a product to a client's expectations, we will sometimes be asked to use a fragrance oil, or another product that is not natural. If we can obtain these ingredients from our same sources, we will happily do so.

Can I request a custom product?

Yes! We have access to a wide variety of scents, oils, waxes and other ingredients that will be included in our future product offerings. Even though they are not being advertised publicly now, we are happy to accommodate any custom product request. Some of our favorite custom items have been lotions, beard oils and hair growth serums, to name a few. Feel free to request a custom product for yourself!

Do you offer unlabeled items, bulk orders or wholesale pricing?

Yes! We are happy to help our clients who would like to private label our products with their branding. We are also delighted to offer discounts for wholesale contract purchases or bulk orders, please inquire with your specifics.

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