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Why You Need Lavender Essential Oil in Your Life

Aptly called the “mother of essential oils”, lavender is probably the most popular essential oil today. From masks and cleansers to bath bombs and aromatherapy candles, you’ll find lavender in countless bath and body products.

With that being said, lavender has quite the origin story. First used by Egyptians as a

perfuming and a mummifying agent, and then for cooking and bathing by Romans, lavender has always held a special place in society.

If you’re considering whether to add lavender essential oil to your life, then let’s make your choice easier by exploring what this wonderful oil can do for you!

1. Stress Relief

Lavender offers powerful aromatherapy that can relieve stress and anxiety by soothing your senses. For instance, a study of 200 people awaiting dental treatment found that inhaling the aroma of lavender reduced stress and uplifted their mood.

In fact, it’s so powerful that a study on new mothers concluded that taking four weeks of twice-weekly aromatherapy sessions can not just lower anxiety but fight depression as well.

Speaking of which, you can learn more about the anti-depressant properties of lavender in this post.

2. Blissful Sleep

As you probably know, stress and anxiety can not only worsen a case of insomnia, but they can also make sleep tough to get on their own. Fortunately, lavender can reduce anxiety and stress. We’ve already established that.

Put those two facts together and it’s a small wonder that a study on students reported improved sleep thanks to some good old lavender aromatherapy.

An easy way to use lavender oil to sleep a carefree night is by putting a few drops in a diffuser next to your bed.

Don’t have a diffuser? We have something even better. Try these heavenly lavender candles and see what a slice of heaven smells like. Just don’t go taking a bite out of this slice.

3. Intoxicating Fragrance

Lavender is intoxicating. No one can deny that.

After all, we’re talking about the same luscious scent Cleopatra used to capture the hearts of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Or so the legend goes at least.

The point is, lavender makes for an excellent perfume. But if the divine scent of lavender seems too daring, you can keep things subtle by mixing it with coconut oil.

4. Natural Bug Repellant

Not only is lavender oil a charmer, but it’s an amazing bug repellent too. Trust us, we’re not making this up. Here’s a link to the scientific paper.

Who thought a bug repellent could smell this good!?

Unless you’re happy with the nasty side effects of artificial bug repellents that are brimming with harmful chemicals, you should give lavender a try sometime.

5. Flawless Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender can make red, itchy skin a thing of yesterday. Furthermore, its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties can not just keep acne at bay, but also fight back without mercy.

As if that isn’t enough, lavender can also protect your skin from pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles thanks to its antioxidant properties.

So if you don’t already, it’s about time you added a lavender essential oil product to your arsenal. Your body will thank you for it!

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