Our pure essential oil bath bombs not only smell amazing, but also have mood enhancing benefits too! This Eucalyptus Bath Bomb is made with 100% pure essential oils and all ingredients - this means the bath bomb has not been made with anything toxic to our environment or upsetting to our bodies, and only contains the purest form of natural and essential oils from vetted sources. These oils are chosen because they contain the quality we expect and can stand by, so you receive the best of all this bath bomb has to offer.



--------- Essential Oil Benefits Contained in This Bath Bomb -----------


Eucalyptus: clears respiratory airways and is naturally decongesting, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral when released into the air. Aids in cleansing the mind and improving concentration.

--------- More About This Bath Bomb -----------

Simply unwrap and submerge this bath bomb into your full, warm bath and wait for the magic - the scent will fill the room and take over your senses! Eucalyptus essential oil has a camphorus scent, and the oil will immediately begin to release sinus pressure and take away your stress.

We make bath bombs to order, and allow a full curing time for best results before we ship. Your bath bomb will arrive ready to use. Therefore, your bath bomb will ship within 1-3 business days from order. All shipments are tracked and a tracking number will be provided.

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Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

  • Our pure essential oil bath bombs are created using all natural oils and ingredients. See product description for details.