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Lavender is such a rich and beautiful fragrance, it should be enjoyed at its very best. Made using the finest lavender oil that usually only found in perfumes, these home candles burn to deliver a consistent fragrance experience from beginning to end. The aroma lingers even after the candle is blown out.


Your lavender candle deserves to be presented in a beautiful glass. A large part of the enjoyment of a scented candle is the atmosphere it creates in your home: the soft flicker of the flame, the warm glow, and the reflection of the light. Glass is perfect for this - the way the flame dances, twinkles and reflects off the glass, creates such a wonderful effect.


No matter which of our amazing candles you choose, you can be sure it will make a wonderful gift for a special person in your life. Whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or a ‘ just because’ gift, everyone is sure to appreciate the thoughtful gift of a lavender candle that will bring a soothing and relaxing ambiance to their life.


A clean burning candle, that releases the most heavenly scent, what could be a better gift than that? Why not treat yourself too, we are sure you have earned it.


Lavender is not just a wonderfully aromatic, clean, floral scent. It also has some documented and well-known aromatherapy benefits that go way beyond a feeling of overall relaxation. 

Natural wax candles with pure lavender oil can have a remarkable effect once they are lit, which include:
• Stress and Anxiety Relief
• Inducing Sleep 
• increasing relaxation
• Breathing Easier
• Insect Repellent 

Ingredients include:
• 100% pure Essential Oils
• 100% natural eco-soy wax
• 100% pure cotton wick coated in soy wax

This means the candle has not been altered with anything toxic to our environment or upsetting to our bodies, and only contains the purest form of ingredients from vetted sources. We use a 100% pure cotton wick coated in soy wax so you can burn this candle clean, without releasing pollutants into the air while you are enjoying the sensation this candle brings.


We have carefully selected the highest quality ingredients because we care about you and your friends and family in your home and space.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil Candle

SKU: 0009
  • 8 to 10 oz candle in a glass jar with lid. Wick is made of cotton dipped in soy wax. Candle wax is a soy wax blend. and burns clean and thoroughly.

    This candle is hand-poured into a glass container with a lid. We often change the type of glasses we use, based on the availability of glassware in our local area. While the shape of the glass and matching lid may change, the size of your candle will not! This will be an 8 oz (maybe more!) candle.Since the nature of the candle uses an open flame, we highly recommend you burn this candle in a spacious area away from any combustible materials or sources.